Recently Diagnosed

Having your child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be emotionally challenging to parents, siblings and other family members. You may have just received a diagnosis as an adult and don’t know where to go next. As a lifelong disability, Autism will alter the course of your lives — and can strain relationships, finances, self-worth, even your hopes and dreams.

That’s why it’s vital that you and your family follow these steps to a better place, living and loving with Autism.

1. Accept

There’s a good chance you and your family will experience a period similar to “mourning” following your diagnosis. After all, your child’s (or your’s if recently diagnosed) life course has just changed. But that doesn’t mean all is lost, or that you/your child can’t grow, prosper and have a happy life. The process begins the moment you accept.

2. Support

As with anything new or unusual, having access to other individuals who’ve “been there and done that” is a huge benefit. That’s why joining our community and becoming a member of the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin is so important. Doing so, you’re welcomed as part of a network of parents, adults on the spectrum, physicians, educators and other advocates who can support you, encourage you and help you and your loved one get where you need to go.

3. Learn

Through the many resources of our organization, as well as the most recent and relevant information online, you’ll want to learn all you can about Autism, condition, care, education and support. In fact, our free “New to Autism” class is a great starting point (you can learn more or register here), or you can request a “New to Autism” kit below that’s complete with facts, resources and Wisconsin-based info for the nine counties we serve.

4. Love

Love yourself. Love your child. Love your family. Stay strong. Stay united. Above all else, it’s the most important thing you can do.

New to Autism Class Now Available! 

Our free “New to Autism” class is a great starting point (you can learn more or register here). This presentation is open to the public and designed for parents whose children have recently been diagnosed with Autism and will be led by one of the Autism Society Southeastern WI staff. The session will cover a variety of topics including basic characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder, how families integrate their feelings about having a child with a disability and how to get started on a path to helping your family support your child.

Nuevo en el Autismo, presentado en español Spanish New To Autism Class (Aprende más aquí)

Esta presentación está diseñada para padres de niños a los cuales se les ha diagnosticado recientemente Autismo. Trata sobre las características básicas de los trastornos del espectro Autista, cómo las familias manejan sus sentimientos por tener un niño con una discapacidad y cómo iniciar un camino para ayudar a su familia a apoyar al niño. Gratis para el publico.

Free Community Event. Includes workshop materials.

We are here to help. Call our free help line at 414-988-1260 or send an email to if you are not sure where to start making connections with a recent diagnosis.